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Know the Difference: Licensed or Registered

One of the biggest misconceptions that I have come across in the cleaning world is the difference between being registered with your state to run a business and being licensed with your state to clean. In my state, the beautiful North Dakota, there are no licenses to clean. The state of ND does not require nor offer a cleaning license unlike they do with construction, medical, real estate, insurance etc. When I hear other cleaners who work in the state of ND state that they have a license to clean I panic for a minute and wonder if the state now requires one. My contact at the small business office knows me by name now because I have called so many times about it to make sure. The truth is that those cleaners are not informed about the difference between the two. Or they just don't care. Unfortunately this mistake causes potential clients to constantly ask me if I am licensed. In which I then have to explain to them that their former cleaner wasn't licensed either however they may have been registered with the state of ND. I find knowing and understanding the difference to be important. I'm not interested in just telling clients that I am licensed in order to get a job. I'd rather my clients be informed about the difference and know that I am a professional and will present my business as such.

Laura Walker

Owner and Operator

The Cleaning Lady

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